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Nome: Johann Crawford
Identidade Atual: Dr. Faust West
Idade: 32
Natureza: Visionary
Comportamento: Machine
Essência: Primordial
Tradição: Sociedade do Éter
Ressonância: nv1 - Death, Devotional, Entropic

Theme Song: Nekromantix - Nekrofelia

Atributos (7/5/3):
MENTAIS: Inteligência 5[Logical], Raciocínio 3, Percepção 3
SOCIAIS: Aparência 2, Carisma 1, Manipulação 4 [Aparentar Lógica]
FÍSICOS: Força 1, Destreza 3, Vigor 2

Habilidades (13/9/5):
CONHECIMENTOS: Academics 1 / Enigmas 2 / Esoterica 3 / Medicine 4 [Medicina Legal] / Ocult 1 / Science 3 [Biochem] [2PTB]
PERÍCIAS: Etiquette 1 / Firearms 2 / Research 4 [Forbidden Lore] / Technology 2 /
TALENTOS: Intimidation 2 / Subterfuge 3

Antecedentes (7): Avatar 3 / Recursos 2 / Mentor 3 / Spies 3 / Contatos 1 (HollowNet) [3PTB]

Paradigm: Tudo é Quantificável e Manipulável
Practice: Alchemy / High-Magic
1: Brews, Potions, Powders, and Other Concoctions
2: Circles, Pentacles, and Other Geometric Designs
3: Formulae, Equations, and Sacred or Advanced Mathematics
4: Herbs, Roots, Seeds, Flowers, and Plants
5: Laboratories and Lab Gear
6: Numbers and Numerology
7: Writings, Inscriptions and Runes
8: True Names
9: Symbols
10: Blood and Other Fluids

Arete: 2 [4PTB]
FdV: 5 (4)
Quintessência/Paradox: 3/1

Matter 2 [ Matter Perceptions / Basic Transmutation ]
Prime 2 [ Etheric Senses / Consecration / Infuse Personal Quintessence / Fuel Pattern / Construct Pattern / Enchant Pattern / Body of Light ]
Spirit 1 [ Spirit Sight / Spirit Sense ]

Qualidades e Defeitos:

Eidetic Memory (2): Int + Alert para lembrar de qualquer coisa

Medium (2): Your mage is a natural conduit to the Underworld. Although this Merit does not reduce the difficulty of working Spirit magic, it does mean that your mage can hear ghosts naturally. The mage might not see wraiths without the right magic, but they do tend to hang out, talk, bug the character and ask him to do things. This talent can be helpful in some cases; wraiths are eager to talk to those who can hear them. However, they often make demands, and they can be difficult to banish if the mage doesn’t have enough power with Spirit.

Coldly Logical (1): While some might refer to you as a "cold fish" you have a knack for separating factual reporting from emotional or hysterical coloration. You may or may not be emotional yourself, but you can see clearly when others are clouding the facts with their feelings (-1 difficulty on all Sense Deception and related rolls)

Ties (3): Mafia


Driving Goal (3): Reviver Eliza.

Icy (1): Judging by the "soulless Technocrat" stereotype, one might think this Flaw is actually a Merit. Hardly. Much as the Union prizes efficiency and reliability, most Technocrats still treasure a bit of humanity. If you've got any, it doesn't show; you could order the slow torture of a baby as casually as you could order a soda, then listen to the screams without flinching. Even your fellow Technocrats find you creepy. Consequently, most comrades avoid you, and Control keeps a very close watch over your activities. People this cold tend to wind up among the Fallen, and your superiors already consider you a flight risk.
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Dr. Faust West
Dr. Faust West

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